The Brief and Background

People with disabilities have a hard time finding employment.  

Will & Able is helping to change this. A social enterprise initiative, with a mission of providing people with mental and physical disabilities jobs. An eco-cleaning product that focuses on ecological sustainability and true 360 degrees recycling. Bottled in 100%recycled milk bottles (that’s why the bottles are that funny colour). 

It provides over 200 employees with roles, a community to belong to, a purpose to strive for and a way to develop more independence and financial freedom.

This non-for-profit required an identity to wrap up all this good stuff into an approachable, bold manner.

The Response

The staff at will&able are like sunshine, emboldened, empowered and proud of having a full time gig. An identity was created by making the staff front and centre (literally on pack)making them the manifestation of the brand.

Bold, graphic photography of each staff member as well as their story has been depicted across each product. Enticing and inviting the consumer to pick-up the product.

The circular enterprise of the business was celebrated through the design system touch points. From the business name, rounded typeface, icon proof points, background sunshine motif and tagline.

Does the job, creates a job, the brand promise not only endorses the product but signifies the circular enterprise that ensures positive job creation for people with disabilities.

New Zealand

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