Visual Design at Shine

At Shine we see design as a transformative, strategic and vital component to our clients business. We are an award winning studio working in the areas of strategy, brand identity, packaging, digital, web design, illustration and environmental design. Combining world class craft and a deep understanding of our clients, we are passionate about making business grow through world class design here in Aotearoa, and abroad.


Brand Identity

From small brand to large brand Identity we are builders of enduring brand systems that are distinctive and effective.

Packaging Design

With experience in both FMCG and boutique packaging, we ensure effectiveness front of mind with ourpackaging solutions.


From office interiors, wayfinding to bespoke environmental graphics. We’re passionate about expressing brands in a dynamic way through tactile experiences.


We design retail systems, experiences and point-of-sale systems for FMCG and retail based clients

Digital UI/UX

We believe that digital should be intrinsic to every successful brand. From UI & UX design, App interfaces, websites to digital experience strategy capability.



The staff at will&able are like sunshine, emboldened, empowered and proud of having a full time gig. An identity was created by making the staff front and centre (literally on pack) making them the manifestation of the brand.


Spark 5G Race Zone

We teamed up with some world class partners to show how Spark 5G make the Emirates Team New Zealand boat go faster.

Spark 5G Race Zone

Spark 5G

Spark wanted to showcase the power of 5G and the potential is can bring for NZ business. We designed a 5G driverless car that would help inspire NZ businesses to help them see the possibilities that 5G could enable.

Spark 5G

Höpt Soda

Partnered with Lion to develop an innovative production process - the only non-alcoholic drink to use hops. Along with the development of interesting adult flavours has seen Höpt quickly become a favourite of drinkers looking for something a little different.

Höpt Soda

Growth through Marketing and Communication

The imperative to be noticed, be admired, even be loved by your market is more important now than it ever has been.


Growth through Strategy and Direction
Growth through
Experience and Innovation
Growth through
People and Performance

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